Our buylist uses an automated pricing system to show you our offer prices for both cash and store credit on cards we are currently purchasing. As such, we do require all buylist submissions to be reviewed and approved by a team member. Please note that we reserve the right to change the offered prices and quantities we are willing to accept if we find any discrepancy with our automated system.

You are never obligated to mail your buylist to us once it is approved. If you determine that the approved prices and/or quantities are not acceptable to you, simply do not send your shipment and notify us via email or Messenger of your desire to cancel your buylist.

Please order your buylist shipment according to the buylist online. The shipment must be postmarked and sent within 7 days of receiving buylist confirmation.

Buylists should be unsleeved, removed from unnecessary packaging, packed securely into a deck box, clamshell, or other secure shipping method and sent to:

Journey's End Games
Attn: Buylist
219 W Third St
Moscow, ID 83843

We understand the desire to keep your cards safe but please do not sleeve cards under the $10 threshold. If a buylist contains extra sleeving, other other encumbering packaging, processing for that buylist may be delayed.

If it looks like your buylist shipment was damaged in transit with the carrier or before it arrived with us, we will let you know the state of the shipment upon receiving, and will offer to return it if desired. Additionally Journey’s End Games is not responsible for any cards lost, stolen, or damaged, while in transit, sent in buylist shipments

We do not accept cards that are signed, non-english, or in a not-sleeve-playable condition (as determined by us) and reserve the right to send back any cards in these conditions. You will be notified of the cards to be returned, and they will be returned via the Plain White Envelope shipping method, with no insurance.

We are unable to pay for cards we do not receive, even if they are on the list of expected cards. If a card has not arrived with your buylist shipment for any reason, we cannot offer cash or store credit for it. 

All "Cash" buylist orders shall be paid using Paypal Goods & Services and shall be sent to the email you provided on your order.


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