Lord of the Rings Card Game - Expansions

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    An ancient evil stirs in the black lands of Mordor, and the people of Middle-earth speak of a terrible doom approaching from the east. The Dark Lord Sauron is gathering his forces, and should he acquire the power he seeks, he will cast the world into eternal shadow. The only hope lies in a heroic few who must work together to stem the tide of evil…

    The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game is a cooperative Living Card Game® in which one to two players (or up to four with two Core Sets) command some of the most powerful characters and artifacts in Middle-earth.

    The Wilds of Rhovanion - $24.99
    The Treason of Saruman - $24.99
    Khazad-Dum - $24.99
    Heirs of Numenor - $24.99
    The Flame of the West - $24.99
    The Grey Havens - $24.99
    The Sands of Harad - $24.99
    The Land of Shadow - $24.99
    The Voice of Isengard - $24.99
    The Black Riders - $24.99
    The Road Darkens - $24.99
    The Mountain of Fire - $24.99
    A Shadow in the East - $24.99

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