Looking to finally sell the collection that has been sitting in the closet for 20 years? Or maybe you are searching for some cash? Welcome to your Journey's End!

We are the best place to sell your MTG collection. We walk with you through the whole process with transparency & ease. We buy collections worth thousands of dollars every day; no collection is too big for us!


How does it work?

1. You contact us and describe what you have.

2. We will give you a quote based on the description and any pictures that you send. We will give you a range of how much it is worth.

3. You then package the cards up and send them to us.

4. We will condition the cards and usually get back to you within 36hr of receiving the collection of the amount of cash or store credit you will receive.

5. You pick which one you want and we'll add store credit to your account or send you money via paypal or zelle. If you don't like the quote, we can send the cards back to you at our cost!

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