Let's Talk Jetmir

by Journey’s End Games

Streets of New Capenna released at the end of April and brought with it a host of new commnaders. Today we are going to look at Jetmir, Nexus of Revels.

This cat wants to party, and that means tons of creatures! So this is a token build. The more creatures you have, the better and more powerful they are. If you have 9+ creatures on the board, they each get +3/+0, vigilance, trample, and double strike. All they need from there is haste and you have a winning board. 

Introducing Jinnie Fay, Jetmir's Second:

Jinnie has a versatile perk that can either buff your 1/1 tokens to 3/1 vigilance Dogs or 2/2 hasty cats. The key feature here being the ability to give all of your tokens haste. Dropping a large late game X spell token creator or and Avenger of Zendikar into a board with Jinnie and Jetmir could lead to a win.

Other key pieces:

X spell/convoke token creators. These will give you value at any point in the game, and can be the win on a large mana board.


Repeated value for either drawing or token creation.


Protection for your army. Board wipes will be imminent with the size of board you will want to create.



Finally, this card is not essential, but you can throw it in for some potential extra spice.

Picture this card on turn 3, Jetmir turn 4, then you come back and play your Avenger of Zendikar on turn 7 with 7 lands. He is now a 1024/3 with double strike, trample, haste, vigilance. Have fun with that.


So anyway, that is Jetmir. There are lots of variations that you can add to the deck to build it to your own flavor. Here are our two decklists:

Budget: https://manastack.com/deck/jetmir-budget-commander

High Roller (limited to cards under $200): https://manastack.com/deck/jetmir-high-roller-commander



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